Sleeping in: what mattress size is right for me?

From queen size and king size to compact and cosy, we take the mystery out of deciding on the right mattress with our easy guide.


Mattress Type

Metric measurement (cm)

Imperial measurement (inches)

Single mattress

92cm x 187cm

36” x 74”

Long single mattress

92cm x 203cm

36” x 80”

King single mattress

106cm x 203cm

42” x 80”

Double mattress

137cm x 187cm

54” x 74”

Queen mattress

153cm x 203cm

60” x 80”

King mattress

183cm x 203cm

72” x 80”

Super king mattress

203cm x 203cm

80” x 80”


1. Why choosing the perfect mattress matters:

A good night’s sleep is essential to getting the best possible start to every day. A good-quality, comfortable and durable mattress is a must, as is choosing the right size for your space and your needs. If it’s been more than 10 years since you last bought a new mattress and you’ve noticed a change in the quality of your sleep, it’s time to consider purchasing a new one.


2. What size mattress do I need?

A single mattress is a good choice for a child’s first ‘proper’ bed. By the time they’ve grown out of it, about 10 years or so, they’ll be ready to upgrade to a long or king single, ideal for tall teens. In compact guest rooms and for almost-adult children, a double bed is a good option.


Queen size mattresses are the most versatile - they really are the minimum size required for sleeping comfortably as a couple. Choosing the same size mattress throughout the house ensures that as bed frames and bed linen are switched and upgraded, you won’t need to replace the entire suite of furniture and accessories. However, for that extra-luxe master bedroom, a king or super king size mattress will offer unrivalled space to really stretch out - no more fights over sleeping space!


3. What style mattress is right for me?



Extra comfort layers of foam and fibre offer pressure relief and extra warmth, while coils provide the back support that you need. Side sleepers will prefer this style, as a plush mattress effectively cushions the shoulder and hip.



A medium mattress offers the best of both worlds - soft, yielding comfort and even weight distribution. If you don’t want the sinking feeling of a softer mattress but feel pressure on certain points of your body with a firmer option, choose a medium mattress.



Firm mattresses are generally the best option for people not experiencing any back pain, and for back sleepers and hot sleepers. A firm mattress ensures extra airflow, as you won’t sink into it. It’s also ideal for couples, as you won’t roll into one another throughout the night.


Performance mattress

Bedgear offers dual-sided personalisation and breathable, moisture-wicking support to help regulate body temperature throughout the night - their performance bedding range is a good choice for those with allergies.


4. How to care for your mattress

Take care of your investment with a mattress protector - a waterproof, allergen-resistant option will keep your mattress in tip-top condition. We’re so confident that you’ll love your new mattress that if you’re not happy, we will replace it for free within 60 nights of purchase (conditions apply) as part of our 60 Night Comfort Promise. Combine that with our five or ten year mattress warranty, and you have the makings of the your best sleep ever.